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With more than 50 molds in our inventory and a wide variety of stocked items we can ship the abrasive you need now
Boat Stones and Surface Grinding Wheels

We now have

Hand Stones ,"Boat" Stones,and Surface Grinding Wheels!

Duramic offers a complete line of Surface Grinding Wheels.

Call for Stock Grades and Price

586 755-7220;


Cortland Style Segmental Chucks

NOW IN STOCK! From Duramic Abrasive Products - 18", 20",and 22" Cortland Style Segmental Chucks for Blanchard and Mattison Rotary Surface Grinders. Built to rigid specifications.

Larger Chucks also available, all competitively priced. Call for price and delivery


  • Spacer Blocks
  • Segments (Our Own)
  • Segment Clamps

Segment Grade Marking Breakdown

      (85A) (301) (G2) (5) (VC)

    1st Grouping - Gives type of abrasive used.

    2nd Grouping - Gives grit size and also indicates multiple grain combinations.

    3rd Grouping - Gives hardness with A1 being the softest, and K3 being the hardest.

    4th Grouping - Gives structure:

    • 8 is most open
    • 5 is our tightest
    • 4 is our medium structure.

    5th Grouping - Gives type of bond:
    • 8 is a special bond for grinding exotic metals.
    • 9 is our more friable bond for tool steels.
    • C is a tougher bond for general purpose grinding.


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